Programme List - Investment Marketing and Innovation Conference 2017




Meet and greet over coffee


Welcome address by Investment Week


Guest Speaker: Bringing customers into the boardroom - why you need to know your customers better than anyone else

Customers are an organisation's biggest single asset. With more touchpoints and data providing richer insight into their needs and aspirations, organisations now have the ability to know their customers like never before. However, for many organisations this ‘exciting new world' poses significant challenges.

In this session you'll learn:

  • How one luxury retailer has changed the way it thinks about its customers, delivering significant financial return;
  • How a leading financial services organisation is challenging its own culture and constrained thinking to put the customer at the very heart of what they do.
  • The key steps you need to take to be more customer centric.


Jonathan Burston, Client Director, Starcount


Q&A - Case Study: The secrets of the profit hunter

14 years ago, Artemis Fund Managers launched the genius ‘Profit Hunter’ and today; the campaign is still going from strength to strength.

  • The story behind the profit hunter
  • How to create a long standing/durable campaign
  • From brand to business
  • The road ahead for the profit hunter
Caroline O'Donnell, Marketing Director, Artemis
Mark Brandis, Managing Partner, Libertine


Regulation in the current era

With the upcoming changes to GDPR and Mifid II just around the corner, there is much for financial marketers to consider.

  • The implications of GDPR & Mifid II
  • Future proof your marketing campaigns to comply with forthcoming regulation
  • The inducement act today: Where to next for entertainment driven marketing?
  • The latest regulatory dos and don’ts for investment marketers

This session offers an extended Q&A period 10:25-10:40

Tamara Cizeika, Counsel, Allen & Overy


Networking Break: Caffeine Hit


Re-assessing the digital landscape

The rise of digital platforms and tools has transformed both marketing content and communications with videos, blogs, eBooks, white papers, podcasts etc. distributed via websites, emails and various social media. With many firms taking an omni-channel approach to both content and distribution, which of these innovations are actually working and is there still a place for traditional methods?

  • A whistle stop tour of digital platforms
  • Digital metrics: Measuring the effectiveness of your digital spend
  • Multi-channel strategies: Assess the best channel mix for your objectives
  • Out with the old, in with the new - Is there still a place for traditional marketing strategies?
  • Scanning the horizon: What will be the impact of fintech on marketing in 5, 10, 15 years?
Pauline Bush, Marketing Director, Hermes Investment Management


Why Millennials are making us work harder at digital marketing

Millennials are more savvy, cynical and more willing to voice their opinions than other consumers of financial products. They are far from easy to win over. For branded content to succeed online with this demographic we believe that there are three key values; humanity, transparency and value. While digital marketing is not a new concept it is somewhat surprising to see brands still struggling to get it right. Too often we see the publishing of overly cleansed, inward looking and sales heavy content. Exactly what a Millennial does not want to engage with.
This session will look at how these three values can be applied to the planning and implementation of your digital marketing to help your brand see tangible returns from your content marketing efforts.

Craig Freeman, Innovation & Development Director, Lamb & brandformula


Closing panel: Stay ahead of the curve

  • Future trends for marketing spend
  • Survival of the fittest: How to stand out in a sea of sameness
  • Marketing 2.0: The rise of marketing automation
Isla Mackenzie, Global Head of Marketing & External Communications, Aviva Investors
Simon Hildrey, Chief Marketing Officer, Liontrust
David Rowe, Head of Marketing - EMEA, Neuberger Berman
Mathew Greenlay, Head of Digital Delivery, Aberdeen Asset Management


Closing remarks and close of conference by Investment Week