Programme List - Investment Marketing and Innovation Conference 2018



08:20 - 08:50

Meet and greet over coffee

08:50 - 08:55

Welcome address by Investment Week
Tom Wright, Director, Content & Performance Marketing Services, Incisive Media

08:55 - 09:25

Keynote: Developing a culture of innovation

New and disruptive technologies are driving the pace of change in the asset and wealth management sectors, creating threat for some, but also opportunities for others. Never before has the ability to innovate been more urgent, but systematic innovation is not driven by luck. Organisations that are consistently able to innovate do so through the purposeful management of culture and innovation processes.

  • Innovating from the top down
  • Creating the right work environment, rewarding learning behaviours
  • Re-thinking your purpose
  • Dismantling silos - the power of collaboration

09:30 - 10:00

Q&A - Case Study: Getting your voice heard in a crowded marketplace

Asset management is a specialism built entirely on content. Few other sectors are so dependent on knowledge and expertise, so there’s no shortage of material. But in such a crowded space producing compelling thought leadership that differentiates you from your competitors is a challenge.

  • What constitutes expertise?
  • Building a solid strategy for success
  • Harnessing the power of social media
  • Video do’s and don’ts

10:05 - 10:35

Plenary: Artificial Intelligence

AI can boost marketing effectiveness by taking on rote, repetitive tasks with speed and total accuracy, but what is the truth about what artificial intelligence can and can't do? How can AI, machine learning and natural language processing be part of the marketing mix? And what does the ideal AI toolkit look like?

  • Building the right capabilities and strategy
  • Measuring ROI 
  • Who should own AI internally?
David Smith, Chief Executive, Global Futures and Foresight

10:35 - 10:55

Networking Break: Caffeine Hit

10:55 - 11:25

Plenary:  Marketing automation in the spotlight

Asset and wealth management has always been about establishing trust, but as communication fragments and digital channels proliferate, marketing automation has an increasingly key role in helping to deliver personalised content that converts leads to customers, grows the existing client base, and maintains and educates the firm's audience.

  • Marketing automation - a solution for firms of all sizes?
  • Automating to stay compliant
  • Personalisation and segmentation - the key to building trust
  • Joining up the client life-cycle
Adam Sharp, Co-Founder, Clevertouch

11:30 - 12:00

Plenary: Email management in a post-GDPR world

Smart email management is a much under-recognised and understood issue, but the dire consequences of poor management should have every marketer sitting up in their seat. Once an ISP flags you as a spammer your IP address and ‘from domain’ are blocked, deliverability rates plummet, and it can take up to a year to restore a good sender reputation. This session will look at the issues in the light of the new post-GDPR landscape, including:Common spam triggers

  • Email design considerations
  • Email lists - cleansing, management and best practice
  • Email consent and ‘legitimate' interest in practice


12:05 - 12:45


Closing Panel:  Managing your brand as an asset

Brand perception has a direct impact on the bottom line for asset and wealth managers. Perceptions of integrity, ethics and trust are every bit as important to your brand perception as investment performance, while the departure of a high-profile figure can have a devastating impact. The fast-changing digital landscape offers a wealth of opportunities, but it can also provide a recipe for disaster. In this session we’ll look at how asset managers can improve their brand perception, hedge against potential damage in an increasingly volatile environment and examine what tools can achieve this.

Robert Jones, Head of New Thinking, Wolff Olins, Visiting Professor, University of East Anglia


Closing remarks and close of conference
Tom Wright, Director, Content & Performance Marketing Services, Incisive Media


**Programme subject to change**